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The Harvest is Plentiful, But THe Workers are Few ...

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This web site is created by Conservative Quakers, 

branch of Religious Society of Friends,

disciples of Jesus Christ,

faithful to the ideas of spiritual revival started in XVII century 

by George Fox and his followers.

"The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few" Matthew 9,37

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Why this web site has been created ?

The idea of this site was born during the Business Meeting at London on 9th of September 2013 between two Conservative Friends: Malcolm (England) and Tomasz (Poland). In situation we are so few, we decide to create website designed specially for Conservative Quakers to make our relations closer by gathering all information and web links about us in one place in the web ... This modest site shall be our collective work and it will not develop without your help ! 

Than we count on you !

Please help us !   

With God's Blessing and Friendship

Humble Editors of


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Conservative Friends' News

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Conservative Friends:

What we believe ?

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Conservative Quakers in the Web

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All Quakers in the Web

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Dear Conservative Friend !

This website is created for Conservative Friends 

all over the world,

please help us to develop this site and send us:

information about meetings and groups,

information about Conservative Quakers organizations,

links to Conservative Quakers web sites,

articles about our faith, practice and history,

information about events which you organize

and all you decide is important ...

Please send all information by e-mail:

(in Microsoft Word files).

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This website is supported by

Society of Friends Foundation, Poland ,

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Worth To Visit

Conservative Friends in Europe:

United Kingdom

Bunhill Fields Conservative Quaker Meeting 

(London, England)

Quakers in Europe

Midlands Quakers

(former Ripley Quaker Meeting)

Quakers in Europe

Friends in Christ 

(Scone, Scotland)

New Foundation Fellowship (Conservative Friends within Britain Yearly Meeting)

Christian Quaker Internet Mission 

(Brighton, East Sussex, England)


Society of Friends in Toruń (Conservative)


Society of Friends Foundation


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Conservative Friends in North America:


Ohio Yearly Meeting 

(gathering of 11 local meetings and 3 worship groups in USA)